Watch Australian news worldwide. Powered by
Sky News Australia, Australia Channel is an online
streaming service featuring three LIVE channels of
News, Sport and Business plus exclusive programs
on demand. Our programming focuses on the
issues that matter to Australians and our
international trade and tourism partners.

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What is Australia Channel?

Australia Channel is a web-based video portal that allows viewers to subscribe to Australian news, business, politics, sports news and public affairs, either on a live or continuously updated basis. The content is a mix of video on demand and live streaming.

Where is Australia Channel available?

It’s currently available in 180 countries. Australia Channel is the international service of Sky News Australia. It is NOT available to stream in Australia or New Zealand.

What can I use to stream Australia Channel?

Australia Channel is available on support internet connected devices, including laptops, mobile phones, tablets and some IPTV devices including Roku and Apple TV. For a full list of supported devices and operating systems, click here.

How do I watch Australia Channel on my computer?

To begin watching Australia Channel from your PC, Mac, Phone or Tablet device:

  • Open an Internet browser and go to
  • Sign into your Australia Channel account
  • Select a video to Play

What internet connection should I have for streaming?

The picture quality while streaming movies & TV shows may vary from computer to computer. Picture quality may be affected by a variety of other factors, such as your location, the bandwidth available through and/or speed of your Internet connection. The minimum required connection speed is 0.5Mbps, but you may want a faster connection for improved video quality. While playback works with many different levels of broadband, the speed and bandwidth of your broadband Internet connection may impact your viewing experience. Australia Channel is a streaming service – content is streaming over the Internet and not being downloaded. Therefore you must be connected to the Internet to view the service.

How do I subscribe to Australia Channel?

Australia Channel offers a free one-week trial for new viewers. Subscribe to a package and instantly access the entire catalogue of news clips and live streams. Go to to get started. Just enter your email address and choose a password. Select a package and enter your credit card details to start watching. You won’t be charged during your free trial and you can cancel anytime.

How does billing work?

Billing for Australia Channel is managed through payment processing firm Cleeng. The charges may appear on your credit card as being from Cleeng. To manage billing and payments, select 'My Account' from the top right hand corner at You are only able to view account details from the Australia Channel website.

How do I cancel a subscription to a package in Australia Channel?

If you need to cancel a subscription, click the Unsubscribe from Package link on the My Packages page.

What happens if I cancel a subscription early?

You can continue to watch a package until the subscription automatically closes at the end of your current billing period – even if you’re in a free trial. To see when the subscription will end, choose My Packages from the dropdown.

If I cancel the subscription, will I be charged?

You will not see any more charges unless you restart a subscription. If you cancel with time left in your billing period, you can watch content until the account cancels automatically.

Can I resubscribe if I cancel a subscription to Australia Channel?

Yes, just subscribe to a package from the My Account page. The previous subscription must have ended though.

How do I update my Australia Channel account information?

To update the email address or password, sign in to Australia Channel to update your email and password information from the My Account page. If you can’t sign in with your current password, send yourself a password-reset email. If you have forgotten the email address associated with your account, please contact Australia Channel customer support. To update your payment information, sign in to Australia Channel to update your credit card details on the My Account page.

There are no lock-in contracts with Australia Channel and it can be accessed online from anywhere in the world (excluding Australia and New Zealand). A one week free trial is available and the monthly fee is $6 AUD.